Hi, my name is Divine and I cook, write, and photograph on this blog. Sense and Serendipity is about the pleasures of cooking, eating and living where I share my life in between recipes and stories that nourishes the body, mind and soul.

     I am not a vegetarian nor a vegan but I want to focus more on plant-based dishes as much as possible. However with a toddler growing up, I also want him to be exposed to world cuisine as well as its culture and history so we still include animal protein and dairy into our diet. I still in believe in balance and moderation using whole and real foods as much as possible that offer variety and satiety that fits into our lifestyle.

     My interest in cooking started at the age of 17 but even at an earlier age I've been helping my late-father in the kitchen along with my brothers and sisters. My father’s influence was the start of my love for cooking. Sundays were always festive because dad goes to the wet market in the morning to buy the freshest ingredients and prepares them on the same day. I believe that my exposure to different ingredients and dishes, and how dad transforms each dish from boring to astounding was the turning point that I really wanted to cook for the rest of my life.

     Although I was trained in Switzerland and Canada, I gave up pursuing my career to become a professional world-class chef. When my father was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer last June 2003, I stopped working to become my father’s full-time caregiver for four years until he passed away. His passing led me to continue my interest in natural nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and obtain a Plant-Based Professional Certification at Rouxbe Cooking School to complement my culinary profession.

     I created Sense and Serendipity last November 2008 out of my deepest longing to get out of depression and hopelessness through a friend who encouraged me to start blogging my kitchen experiments. After taking care of my late-father, I wanted to do something for myself and this blog was just the beginning.

     I moved to Cebu last May 2010 to teach at the International Culinary Arts Academy of Cebu and found home and love in Cebu City with my husband John and our son Nate. I am now a full time homemaker exploring the possibilities of a home-based food business and a dream to have my own cafe and cookbook one day.

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